How To Set Up a Home File Server For Free

Ever wonder if you could recover files, photos or folders that got deleted by mistake from your home pc. I know that there are lot of softwares that can recover that data for you but ever wonder if this things happen at your office, your IT guy provides you that data back in few mins. How that becomes possible??? Most of you might know and will say it simple because your system are connected to server and so backup are store on it.

If I say you can also setup same kind of Technology at your home, you will start counting the amount of money that you would have to spend…But as I have titled my post Free there is nothing that you need to spend.There are different paid software but FREENAS software is good software available at the cost of nothing, you just require your old working computer and some technical knowledge.

Installation and setup:
To set up FreeNAS as a home file server, you must make sure you have all the proper hardware first.Just follow the below link it has all step by step installation instructions.

Final words:

I recommend this software to all those people who want the good and reliable software at no cost.

FreeNAS Knowledgebase:
FreeNAS Support forum:

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